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As the leading Third Party Soft Gelatin Capsules Manufacturers in Nepal & India, all of our pharmaceutical products meet all GMP guidelines, FDA, MEA purity standards.

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NutraTank understands the need for proper healthcare facilities for patients with more than 30+  years of experience; the organization knows each nit and bit that goes into the best possible working of the medicinal services industry. The medicine fabricated by our organization experience  exceptional quality check procedure to guarantee that the strength of the patient is profited through our endeavors.

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We are a WHO, GLP, WHO and ISO 9001:2008 Certified & pharma manufacturing company.
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NutraTank, India’s leading integrated Third Party Softgel Manufacturers, by upholding the responsibilities towards the society, the company is committed to executing the process for the safest pharmaceutical products which all benefitting the nation.

NutraTank is offering a wide range of soft gelatin capsules to human beings.All tests provide surety that the consumption of the medicines and soft gelatin capsules are healthier and safe.

Excellence & High-Quality Soft Gel Capsules Manufacturers in India

NutraTank is among the top WHO GMP certified soft gel capsules manufacturers in India. And along with this, we are serving the nation with its key strengths of manufacturing healthy pharmaceutical soft gelatin capsules for the layman. As one of the best third party softgel manufacturers in India, our prime motive is endowing customers with top quality pharmaceutical formulations. The supply of all products is running without any barrier and break. The associated clients are getting a constant supply of the entire product range they are concern with. NutraTank is popular enough among soft gelatin capsules manufacturers in India. Each and every product manufactured by the company contains entire information on the package so that customers can be well-informed about the medicine.

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Welcome To NutraTank

NutraTank has a well qualified team of marketing professionals. The parent Company has over 100 Pharmacists, Microbiologists, Chemist, Pharmacologists, and Physicians.


We have wide range of Tablets including Antibiotic Tablets, PPI Tablets, Painkiller Tablets, Cardiac Tablets, Diabetic Tablets, Gynae Tablets, Gastro Tablets.


We have wide range of Capsules including Antibiotic Capsules, PPI Capsules, Painkiller Capsules, Cardiac Capsules, Diabetic Capsules, Gynae Capsules, Gastro Capsules.

Dry Syrup

We have wide range of Dry Syrup with wide range of composition.


We have wide range of Nutraceuticals products including Lycobin, Multi Vitamin, Ferrous Ascorbate and B-complex.

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So we are offering Third Party Manufacturing opportunity in all the states of India as well as Nepal. If you are looking  for Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Company in India then we are the best option for you. We welcome you to become our Third Party Pharma Partner.

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